Ornamental Carvings

Engraving is a decorative technique used in metalwork, jewelry and other fields. It creates images and words by cutting negative space into a piece. The practice is ancient, with engraved jewels dating to the Roman empire. Its versatility makes it popular for diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings.

As diamonds are quite hard, most ring engraving occurs on the precious metal. Tools known as gravers or burins cut designs into the bands. These are made of hardened steel and their tips are resharpened often to maintain a fine point. Different gravers create varying effects, such as the ability to carve wider or thinner areas.

Posey rings were popular in Europe between the 16th and 18th centuries. These bands got their names from the “posies,” or poems inscribed on the shanks. They were gifted as lover’s tokens and served as engagement rings. Sometimes decorations were engraved along with the poetry.

Valentin Magro offers customizable engraved wedding bands. The design covers the outer circumference of the shank, including a vine pattern along the top. Around the sides of the ring are diagonal patterning. This band is available in a range of sizes, and comes in platinum as well as several types of gold.

We also offer personalized engraving for our diamond rings. Clients have the choice between laser or hand work. Two kinds of fonts are available, bold and script. Common engravings include initials, names and significant dates. More importantly, they help make a ring unique to you and your partner.