Possible Looks for Your Rings

Beautiful diamond rings don’t form in a vacuum. Designer engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings take inspiration from many sources. Some may use color, shape or light as the basis of their overall look. Others may turn to nature, a perennial favorite for unique jewelry.

Flora comes in countless species, colors and appearances. Rings may use blossoms as a motif, creating flowers out of gold and diamonds. Vines and wreaths are other popular aesthetics. Gems like pear and marquise diamonds brighten a diamond engagement ring while creating the impression of leaves.

While diamonds may take center stage, the shank also serves as decoration. Diamond wedding bands may sport bamboo rings between gems, or take the shape of leaves. Subtler designs may include woodgrain patterns or a vine molded down the band.

Animals may be less commonly featured than plants, but are no less attractive. Large statement pieces may display starfish carved from gemstones, or shaped out of gold. Detailed precious metal frogs might rest on a ring of lily pads. Pave diamond bands could snake around the finger.

Depending on tastes, diamond bands may aim for realism or embrace stylized looks. A garland may be represented as tiny shapes engraved on the shank. Diamond engagement rings with halos may become daisies. Animal or flower, real or impression, there is a ring for everyone.