Men’s wedding bands don’t have the flashy reputation of their feminine counterparts. Many companies reserve their flourishes for women’s weddings rings, adding micro pave stones, heart shaped diamonds, or patterns etched into precious metal. Male rings tend to be plain metal or at most brightened with a single jewel.

Some designers understand how important it is for all people to have a beautiful ring to commemorate life with their dearest. Many finishes for simple bands are available, from a textured brush, mild soft finish, or a mirror-like polish. Embellishments such as grooves down the length of the band, curlicues or two hands clasping one another are also available. The choices of metal are broad, from classic gold and silver, sophisticated platinum to cutting edge materials like tungsten carbide and titanium.

Purchasing Men’s Wedding Bands is Not Really as Daunting as it Seems

Being a man, you might find the task of choosing a wedding band quite daunting, either because you are utterly unfamiliar with the world of jewelry or the wide array of options in the market tend to baffle you. However, the wedding ring you are supposed to wear till your last breath should be chosen with utmost love and care. Under all circumstances, an ideal wedding ring should not only befit your personality and lifestyle, but should also be comfortable to wear.

Making a Smart Selection – What You Need to Consider

  • Band Size: Size is one of the vital issues that must be considered while choosing men’s wedding bands. Although sizes can be altered as required, but it is always advisable to make the effort to order the most accurate size on the first go. Remember, fancy gold bands like channel-set diamonds do not offer the facility of alteration. If you have any doubt regarding your ring size, do not hesitate to get help from the jeweler you are purchasing your wedding band from.
  • Band Style: While traditional men’s wedding bands are a popular choice, some may prefer to push the boundaries of conventionality without being too flashy. The good news is that the market today is replete with an overwhelming range of unique styles, such as rings with ribbed edges or a white gold inlay stripe, rings with a satin or matt finish, two-tone rings or the ones having a woven pattern. Again, wedding rings made of unusual metals like tungsten, platinum or titanium may be the perfect choice for would-be-grooms looking for the latest technologies. Sometimes, based on your cultural or ethnic background, a particular ring type may appeal to you more than the rest. For example, a person with an Irish heritage may be allured by a celtic or claddagh ring. Again, someone having an Italian background may look for a diamond wedding ring.
  • Band Thickness: The thickness of the wedding band is another consideration that needs to be made before making a purchase. Based on your hand size and the shape of your fingers, you need to decide how thick your wedding band should be made. Remember, thicker bands are suitable for men with larger hands and thinner fingers, and might look awkward on men with small hands.

Even when you have taken all necessary aspects into consideration, the importance of choosing a reliable jeweler can never be ignored. It is only when you visit a reputable and trusted jewelry store, can you expect to find the best products at the most competitive prices in the market. Trust the most reputed names in the industry to invest in exclusive and stunning men’s wedding bands.

Things to Know Before You Buy Men’s Wedding Bands

Gone are the days when the available choice of men’s wedding bands was limited to plain yellow gold bands. They are no longer boring or plain. Masculine yet appealing designs have been crafted to suit the style preferences of today’s upwardly mobile men who look for a blend of tradition, originality, and convenience in this essential accessory.

Gold Wedding Bands

The conventional option of gold has undergone an impressive and fascinating transformation in recent years. Gold bands in their diverse avatars of classic yellow gold, sleek white gold, along with new and trendy rose gold enjoy quite popularity as wonderful alternatives of wedding bands for men.

Platinum and Titanium Wedding Bands

If your man likes to keep his accessories remarkably classy without the customary ostentation of gold, the lustrous finish of a platinum or titanium wedding band will definitely appeal to his sober senses. These white metals in their multiple finishes offer an extensive range of selection for a man who likes to keep his accessories minimalist yet engaging.

When compared to gold or titanium, platinum costs way higher. If limited budget is not your concern, you can make an amazing impression with a platinum wedding band studded with multiple diamonds.

Designs and Finishes

Subtle patterns, hand engraving of names or messages, a single square diamond – all this and more adds to the style quotient of the ring. Combination of two tones of metals also produces a stunning effect in an otherwise simple and unadorned wedding band. Brush polished, hammered, and matte looks are also frequently chosen as they impart an appearance of understated suave sans the typical metallic shine.

Single or double milgrain edges, two or more alternating rows of platinum and gold, single or more subtle diamonds – you will be simply spoilt for choices when it comes to finding interesting wedding band for a man.

If you are searching for the perfect wedding band for that special man of your life, these useful tips, some amount of research in men’s wedding band and your partner’s aesthetic sensibilities will stand you in good stead.