Maintaining Your Ring’s Brilliance

Keeping Your Diamond Rings Clean
Color, clarity and the way they interact with light are key elements of diamond’s beauty. Diamonds come in a range of hues, each lighter than the last. Clarity studies the diamond crystal and its quirks. Brilliance, fire and scintillation describe the different aspects of diamonds’ sparkle. Unfortunately, diamond rings accumulate grime over the years. This in turn dampens their qualities. Cleaning helps restore their appearance.

One of the traits of diamonds is their attraction to grease. This is useful when miners are sorting rough stones from surrounding rock. For someone wearing a diamond engagement ring, this could mean a collection of fingerprints on the gem. When cleaning, you may want to look at products good at dissolving grease.

Depending on the design, there may be little pockets for dust to gather. Openwork designer engagement rings may be especially prone to accumulating debris. Some people may choose rings less that are lacey and easier to maintain. Those who prefer elaborate designs may want to clean more often.

Soft toothbrushes can reach into the many crannies in rings to remove dirt. Toothbrushes are more effective when paired with a cleaning agent. Though toothpaste is a mild abrasive and readily available, it may leave residue that could influence your jewelry’s appearance.

Mild detergent is often recommended for at-home ring care. Ammonia is more effective at removing grease from diamonds, but requires safety precautions. Combining boiling water with detergent or ammonia may lead to dramatic results. If your ring contains more delicate diamonds or other gemstones like emeralds, hot water can do more harm than good. When in doubt, warm water is less likely to harm jewels.

Ultrasonic cleaners use a tub of liquid and sound to remove debris. Rings and other jewelry go inside, and soundwaves travel through the liquid to loosen dirt. As with hot water, ultrasonic cleaners work best on sturdier gemstones. If you’re unsure of the ideal way to clean your diamond bands, please consult your jeweler.