Have Your Wedding Ring Look the Way You Want

There are many customs surrounding wedding bands. One is where both partners wear rings after marriage. Another is wearing your band over your diamond engagement ring. Most everyone wants a ring they are happy to wear every day. Using a custom ring service allows people to coordinate their bands with others, giving them jewelry they’re happy with.

One thing to determine when choosing a design is whether or not you want diamonds or plain metal. Of the former, bands with small diamonds are popular. Designs include eternity wedding bands, micropave, or jewels set in intervals around the ring. Some of the more elaborate ones take the form of vines or animals wrapping around the finger.

Metal bands may be as elaborate or subdued as the wearer desires. The simplest include domed rings, which rise in the middle, or flat ones with defined edges. Flourishes include rings with grooves or double grooves running down their length. Fancier styles have engravings, or two bands which cross to form an X. Some rings don’t even form a circle, but a geometric shape.

Along with the designs themselves, many styles allow choice of thickness. They can be as slim as 2mm, or robust as 8mm. Some people prefer a thinner ring, especially if worn with diamond engagement rings. Others prefer bands that are more visible than discrete. Different rings come in varying size ranges, so make sure to check which bands have the width you want.

The choice of precious metal also matters. Yellow gold wedding bands may appeal to some, while others may prefer a whiter metal. Many designs offer an array of precious metals to select. Others already have the metal in mind. Two toned rings for example, use different shades of colored gold to create stripes edgings and other effects. Take a look at a variety of rings to see which ones have the precious metal you prefer.