Adding Hue to Rings

Diamond bands are the top choice for engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. Those who want something different might add colored stones to their rings. The stones may have special meaning to the wearer, or be used to offset the diamonds. No matter the reason, there are many options to choose from.

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are known as “the big three” due to their popularity. When mixed with diamonds, they create unique engagement rings. Many designs feature a big three gem as the main jewel, with diamonds acting as side stones or halos. Other styles reverse the image, with colored stones accenting the diamonds.

Colored Gems and Diamond Rings

The variety of colored stones creates many design possibilities. They can be simple like a diamond ring with a peridot halo. Flashier versions include diamond bands with wide emerald borders and topaz side stones, or gold wedding bands dotted with pearls.

When adding colored stones to diamond rings, there’s more than aesthetics to consider. Diamonds are famed for their hardness, which no other jewel can meet. While a diamond may withstand strenuous activity, more delicate stones may not. The ring may need to be removed until later. It’s also important to have the prongs checked from time to time. If they’re loose, gems may rub against one another, developing scratches.

Diamonds can tolerate dramatic cleanings, such as with ammonia mixtures. If mounted with other, more delicate stones, gentler methods are recommended. Warm water and mild detergent is a safe and popular option. Please consult your jeweler if you have any concerns.