Choose Jewelry with Certified Diamonds
Diamond grading is when a jewel is evaluated to determine its characteristics. Trained gemologists examine stones to gauge traits such as carat. They also note features which help the gemstone stand out from others. Graded stones come with certificates confirming their quality. Many people, when buying diamond engagement rings, want to know what the gems are like. With certified diamonds, they know what they’re getting.

Not all grading laboratories are alike. Look for independent third-party labs, who are less likely to be influenced by buyers or sellers. All of Valentin Magro’s diamond jewelry uses stones rated at the Gemological Institute of America. This organization has a long history of excellence and innovation in diamond grading.

The major factors of diamond quality are carat, color, clarity and cut, also known as the Four Cs. Carat measures the diamond’s size, and color the degree of tint. Clarity gauges the crystal, and cut how well the gem is fashioned. Carat lists diamond weight to the second decimal place. The other Cs have grading scales with different ranges.

Gemological Institute of America produces several types of certificates. Diamond grading reports provide detailed information about a stone’s qualities, including diagrams of proportions and clarity characteristics. The gem’s ID number, Four Cs and other information is listed on the left of the report. Diagrams are in the center, and the left contains grading scales of color clarity and cut for reference.

Valentin Magro uses certified diamonds to give connoisseurs peace of mind. The diamonds you select should be the diamonds you receive. After purchase, the jewels’ certificates come with you for ease of reference and identification purposes. We want you to be satisfied with the diamond rings you fell in love with.