Diamond engagement rings and wedding bands carry special meaning for their wearers. All represent a lasting relationship, but many want more from their rings. They may want to stand out from the crowd, or give their band a personal touch. There’s a variety of ways to create unique engagement rings, including diamond shape, settings and more. Color too helps make distinctive rings.

Precious metal comes in multiple hues. Gold is deep yellow, white gold and platinum have silvery tones and rose gold is reddish. Making a ring all in yellow or rose gold is a quick way to add color. Fanciful gold wedding bands may have stripes, an inner and outer ring in different hues and other flourishes.

Diamond color is measured on a scale from colorless D to Z’s noticeable tint. Stones with no to very subtle color are popular. A gem closer to Z may appeal to those who want unusual rings. A lighter setting such as white gold will play up the jewel’s color. Diamonds that exist outside the D-Z range are very rare, but may add extra hue, such as a yellow border.

While diamonds are quite popular, colored gemstones are also beautiful. Adding them to diamond rings makes the band stand out. They may be the central jewel, with diamond highlights, or serve as side stones to diamonds. Popular colored gemstones include sapphires and emeralds, though topaz, tourmaline and others are used as well.

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