Variation on Wedding Bands

“Guard rings” refers to two kinds of bands. One is a split shank large enough for a second ring to fit inside. The other is a slim metal band placed above the ring it protects. It’s unknown when and where guard rings originated, but they serve a valuable purpose.

About Guard Rings

Though diamonds are quite hard, they are not invulnerable. The metal used to set diamond bands may also experience wear and tear. Guard rings help reduce possible damage. They’re also helpful to people who have rings on the loose side. A second band prevents the first from slipping.

Diamond engagement rings can be elaborate confections, while wedding bands are often slimmer and more subdued. Wedding rings may serve a dual purpose, being a symbol of love and protecting the band underneath. Diamond anniversary bands can also to the same.

Valentin Magro’s Custom Diamond Collection has a design board for stackable rings. A person can use it to create the ring pair of their dreams. If they desire, they may create a diamond band with a coordinating guard ring. The design board lets them see how the rings look together before they make the final decision.