A Guarantee of Diamond Quality

When shopping for beautiful diamond rings, people want to be sure they’re getting what they were promised. Many diamonds have documents confirming their condition. Not all certificates are equal however. Third party laboratories known for excellence are the most reliable.

All of Valentin Magro’s diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA.) GIA has a long history of research and innovation. Their certified jewels are subject to strict testing standards to ensure accurate grading. Whether it’s engagement rings, wedding bands or diamond anniversary bands, GIA’s reports tell you what their stones are like.

The basic elements of diamond quality are carat, color, clarity and cut, also known as the Four Cs. On GIA certificates, there’s a copy of each of the Four Cs’ rating scales. This allows readers to know where the jewel’s grade fits on each metric. Depending on the report, there may be additional details such as diagrams of the evaluated stone.

The larger the diamond, the rarer. This in turn increases their demand. Carat is a unit of measurement for jewels, equaling 0.2 grams. GIA places jewels on powerful scales, weighing them to the fifth decimal place. This is rounded to the second decimal. A 0.23456 carat diamond is recorded as 0.23.

The majority of diamonds range from colorless to an apparent tinge. GIA’s color scale places gems on a scale of D to Z, with D as the lightest. Color is tested under uniform lighting with neutral backgrounds. Diamonds are compared against master stones representing D to Z colors until their correct grade is determined. Jewels outside the D to Z range are subject to different tests.

Clarity gauges the number of quirks in the crystal. These can range from pinpoints within the jewel to feather-like fractures and polish marks. Diamonds with few characteristics are less common than those with large amounts. Jewels are examined under 10X magnification and their quirks catalogued. The stone is rated on an eleven-part scale from Flawless to Included 3.

Cut is the most complex of the Four Cs to determine. Along with facet size and placement, gemologists consider the stone’s symmetry, depth and overall proportions. They also evaluate how light interacts with the jewel to further gauge cut quality. Valentin Magro’s unique engagement rings offers gems from Fair to Excellent.