Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular stones with cropped corners. Their top and bottom most facets are broad, providing a view into the crystal. The cut was originally developed for emerald gemstones, to protect the jewel from damage. The design also showcases the beauty of the jewel’s interior. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings have been admired for decades.

While diamond rings are admired for their brilliance, emerald cuts take a different approach. Brilliant cut stones concentrate on proportions and angles which fills jewels with light. Emerald cuts are step cut, which plays up other traits of the stone. Among these are facets that downplay brightness in favor of luster and clarity.

Diamonds are made of closely packed carbon. This density allows for intense polishing and a strong surface gleam, or luster. The shine is so unique it’s called adamantine, or “diamond like.” While brilliant diamonds also have adamantine shine, on step cuts it stands out due to lower internal shine.

Emerald cut engagement rings allow the wearer a view of the stone’s interior. With few shadows or flashes of light, the jewel’s clarity comes to the forefront. A clear stone can help underscore luster, as there is little to distract from the shine.

An ideal emerald cut diamond has two sets of parallel lines. Their beveled corners are even and of uniform shape. Jewels with high clarity and color grades are recommended, though up to personal preference. Feel free to examine pictures or see the stones in person to get an idea of their quality and shine.