Little Diamonds with a Big Impact
Baguette diamonds are small slender jewels. They are step cut, with a focus on luster rather than brilliance. Baguettes come in two forms, a perfect rectangle and one with sloped sides. For most rings, they serve as accents to other jewels. On their own, they’re combined to form patterns on diamond bands.

Many diamond engagement rings use baguettes as side stones. Their sheen helps underscore the beauty of the central gemstone. A common approach is to mount baguettes lengthwise along the band. Both types of are used for this. Other designs may have baguettes run width wise down the ring in a channel mount. Elaborate setting may use rectangular baguettes of graduated sizes and mount them across the shank for a stair step effect.

Depending on the shape of the jewel, baguette cut diamonds may serve as halos on designer engagement rings. Rectangular ones do best with square, emerald cut or other diamonds with straight edges. The baguettes are set lengthwise along the main jewel. If mounted with a brilliant stone, the halos provide a contrast in light. With other step cuts, their luster adds to that of the central gemstone.

Tapered baguettes make a different type of halo. Rather than place their length against the jewel, their shortest ends touch the stone. Not only is the halo wider than most, the sight of diamonds radiating away from the center gem creates unique looking engagement rings. This look pairs well with round diamonds.

Between their size and shape, baguette diamonds are ideal for creating striking designs. The pattern can be as simple as alternating rounds and baguettes in wedding bands. Other patterns may play with the direction of the stones for a checkered look. If there’s a design you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us