White Gold Engagement Rings

Precious metals are the go-to choice for engagement rings. Not only are they beautiful, they’re resistant to corrosion, allowing for long term wear. They are also easier to shape into small, complex designs. Popular metals include platinum, gold and white gold.

In its purest state, gold is quite soft. To make it durable for life as a ring, it’s mixed with other materials. Different ingredients and proportions change the outcome. Sometimes gold remains yellow, or takes on hues such as pink, green and white.

White gold has silvery tones. It gets its hues from palladium, zinc, manganese and sometimes nickel. The alloy was originally developed as an affordable alternative to platinum. Today, white gold engagement rings are enjoyed in their own right.

White gold engagement rings underscore diamond’s hue. The lightest diamond shades seem even fainter while those with a hint of color stand out. White gold also highlights the appearance of colored gemstones. Its malleability allows bands to be as intricate as the wearer desires. Possibilities range from engravings to the delicate settings of pave mounts.