Unique Engagement Rings

There are different ways to make engagement rings stand out. This could be via unusual design, master craftsmanship or other qualities. All these rings have an element of romance. Engagements are a time of anticipation, of showing a couple’s readiness to deepen their bonds. Unique engagement rings can make this experience feel even more special.

Valentin Magro has an engagement ring gallery. It features everything from solitaire diamonds on polished bands to gem-encrusted confections. If you’re unsure what you want in an engagement ring, take a look. You may find your dream ring, or inspiration for one.

Those who want a say in their unique engagement rings may want to visit our design board. We offer a selection of diamonds sorted by shape, cut quality, color and other traits. There are over twenty-one settings to go with your ideal jewel. The bands themselves come in different metals and decorations, such as knife edges, engravings and side stones.

If there’s a look you have in mind you can’t create with the design board, please contact us. Custom jewelry is our specialty. Whether it’s a minimalist band or elaborate piece, we make unique engagement rings a reality.