Common Prong Diamond Eternity Band

This wedding band has a sentimental design. Eternity bands are known for their continuous diamond rows. The endless circle stands for everlasting love. The jewels of choice here are round brilliant cut diamonds, prized for their brightness. Platinum common prongs secure the gemstones while drawing minimal attention to themselves.

Micro Pave Set Diamond Wedding Band

Warm tones make the body of this wedding band. The 18k yellow gold provides strength while preserving the metal's rich hues. The band supports a row of round brilliant cut diamonds which glitter with the wearer's movements. The diamonds total weight is 0.81 carats.

6.0mm Slanted Edge Wedding Band

This wedding band carries a personal touch. It's 6.0mm wide with a broad center and slim slanted edges. This surface provides ample space for engraving initials on one side and a meaningful date on the other. A bright polish makes the platinum glow.

10pt Common Prong Eternity Band

This eternity wedding band carries multiple hues. Above are round brilliant cut diamonds set in a continuous row along the shank. As with love, the eternity band has no end. Platinum common prongs blend in the jewels. The inner shank is made of 18k yellow gold, providing a splash of warmth.

2.5mm Knife Edge Wedding Band

Shaping gives this platinum wedding band its beauty. Its sides rise, reading a ridge down the center known as a knife's edge. The slim 2.5mm width helps draw attention to the design.

Tsavorite and Peridot Wedding Band

Verdant hues make this wedding band unique. Yellow green peridots and saturated tsavorites alternate with one another, surrounding the entire ring. Each stone is round cut and selected to coordinate with their neighbors. Platinum common prongs hold the jewels in place.

Channel Mount Wedding Band with Diamonds

Platinum shines in this wedding band. The shank is edged on both sides with a rounded lip of the precious metal. Together, they form a channel mount. Round brilliant cut diamonds form a glittering line down the center of the ring. The diamonds weigh 1.01 carats in all.

Stacked Diamond Wedding Bands

Three wedding bands combine into a bright statement. Each shank is made of slim 18k white gold and boasts a row of round brilliant cut diamonds. Miniscule prongs secure the jewels while allowing for optimal light return. When all three bands are together, their scintillation is stunning.

Channel Set Diamond Wedding Band

Platinum and diamonds gives this wedding band a monochrome look. The channel setting allows round brilliant cut diamonds to encircle the entire finger. No matter where your hand turns, the ring glitters. The diamond total weight of this ring is 1.41cts.