La Vallette Gold and Diamond Ring

High-polished 18k yellow gold and diamonds give this La Vallette ring an arresting flare. 18k yellow gold forms a cushion carving with smooth surfaces and an upturned teardrop on each side. Both sides of the cushion carving feature a pave setting of brilliant cut diamonds emitting a radiant white light. The total weight is 2.31 […]

La Vallette Lapis Ring

Cobalt hued lapis lazuli is amplified by the glimmer of 18k yellow gold. A high polish reflects from the cushion shape of the gem. Upturned teardrops of 18k yellow gold are on each side, highlighting the scatter of gold across the lapis lazuli. The total weight is 24.29 carats. A sleek broad shank completes the […]

La Vallette Turquoise Diamond Ring

The natural radiance of turquoise is the spotlight of this diamond accented La Vallette ring. Carved in a cushion, the prized sheen of turquoise is displayed. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has become a scarce gem due to low supply, yet remains a favorite with its lustrous dreamy hue. Upturned teardrops adorned with DEF color and VVS2 […]

La Vallette Citrine Cabochon Ring

An incandescent glow of citrine flickers as the crown of this La Vallette ring set in 18k yellow gold and accentuated with glittering diamonds. A carved cushion of citrine is raised within its 18k yellow gold setting, including gold teardrops on the sides embellished with brilliant cut diamonds. Citrine is one of the most desired […]

La Vallette Turquoise Ring

Astounding blue green of turquoise is the apex of this La Vallette ring. Carved in a cushion cut, the turquoise is set in a vibrant 18k yellow gold setting. This carving displays the opaque color and smoothness that high quality turquoise is cherished for. Upturned 18k yellow gold teardrops overlap on the sides for a […]

La Vallette Tourmaline Ring

An intense green tourmaline glows as the peak of this La Vallette ring. The gem is carved into a cabochon and adorned with teardrop settings of brilliant cut diamonds on the sides. Half circle settings glitter on the front and back of the gem for an additional radiance. A wide 18k yellow gold band with […]

La Vallette Citrine Ring

This La Vallette ring highlights the flaming glow of citrine. Carved into a cushion cabochon, the gem is set in 18k yellow gold to further underline the myriad of soft yellow and fiery orange of the citrine. A teardrop setting of brilliant cut diamonds glimmer on both sides as an accent. The total weight of […]

La Vallette Gold Ring

Sleek reflections are emitted from this high polished 18k yellow gold ring. The crown is in the formation of a cabochon with rounded sides. An accent of an upturned teardrop overlaps from the cabochon to the dense band. Measurement detail – width 1 mm (.04 inches), length .75 mm (.03 inches), depth .5 mm (.02 […]

La Vallette Pave Diamond Gold Ring

The dazzling beam of 18k yellow gold pairs with diamonds for this La Vallette ring. A dome cabochon is the crown, while a dense band finishes the design. The entire ring is polished for a high sheen. An upturned teardrop of pavĂ© set brilliant cut diamonds is on each side for an additional flash of […]

La Vallette Black Jade Ring

The silky luster of black jade is intensified alongside 18k yellow gold for this ring. A fancy-shaped carving of the gem is set in the luminous metal, then further elevated by an upturned teardrop on each side. A smooth and dense band finishes the contemporary design. The weight is 24.84 carats of black jade.