Jewelry Pieces That Are Ideal Symbols of Love

The heart is the universal symbol of love. It’s a clear message that requires no introduction, nor explanation. But a heart is also clichéd when it comes to expressing your love for something with a jewelry gift. If you want to step away from using a hackneyed symbol of love, there are other options too, […]

Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a type of jewelry showing a couple is planning to marry. Both women and men wear engagement rings, though they’re more common on women. How engagement rings look has changed over time, from iron bands to today’s diamond showpieces. The first known engagement rings originated in the Roman empire. Brides-to-be wore two […]

Cushion Cut Diamond and Its Predecessors

Cushion cut diamonds are the newer edition of vintage diamond cuts. For centuries, cutters have played with shape, facets and proportions, looking to fill jewels with brilliance. Some of these styles remained popular, others gave way to stones like the round brilliant.

Top Choices in Golden Rings This Year

The year 2018 brings back with it the gold madness. Gold will prevail this year, regardless of the popular penchant for rose and white golds. So, if you are stocking up for this year, start out with buying some gold rings. Fan of gold or not, you will love the kind of selection they have […]

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A 1.03 carat princess cut diamond is the centerpiece of this engagement ring. It is prong set onto a platinum band adorned with round brilliant cut diamonds. The round diamonds not only stretch far down the shank, they occupy an unusual space. When viewed from the side, jewels decorating the princess cut’s basket appears.  

Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This platinum engagement ring is rich in diamonds. A round brilliant cut diamond serves as the center stone. Smaller round brilliants are micro pave set on the larger diamond’s basket mount and along the shank. The design allows the ring to glitter from multiple angles.  

Round Brilliant Engagement Ring

This engagement ring boasts a classic design. Round brilliant cut diamonds are beloved for their blend of white light, prismatic light and shadows. One serves as the center stone. Tapered baguette cut diamonds accent the round brilliant. The platinum band blends in with the colorless gems, creating a monotone aesthetic.

Diamond Black Enamel and Baguette Ring

Black, gold and brilliance make this engagement ring stand out. Its center stone is a 4.78 carat round brilliant cut diamond. The gem is outlined in a double border, with an 18k yellow gold and black enamel rim. A side view reveals a pave set diamond halo beneath the basket. Channel set baguette cut diamonds […]

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