Geometric Yellow Gold Lantern Earrings

Coruscating light exudes from these 18k yellow gold earrings illustrating a lantern. Descending from a French hook wire with a loop is a triangle link to depict the lantern handle. Connected to this is a wire in a downturned geometric contour with a pointed tip forming the lantern. In the heart of the design, a […]

Geometric Lantern Gold Earrings

A lantern and its flame are illustrated by 18k yellow gold for these intriguing drop earrings. A smooth tapered lever back secures an upturned triangle. This follows with the lantern contours from an angled shape with a low pointed tip. In the center a polished globe of the metal serves as the flickering light. Clip-backs […]

Geometric Gold Lantern Earrings

Gold and more 18k yellow gold form these lantern earrings. The design hangs from clip posts and flares downward. First is an openwork triangle, the ‘handle’ for the pentagonal shape beneath. Inside the larger form is a gold ball representing a flame. Measurement detail – width 0.67 inches (17 mm), length 1.35 inches (34 mm), […]

Gold Ball Lantern Earrings (Medium)

18k yellow gold brings both form and light to the motif of these earrings. Descending from a small loop, a triangle features 2 gold bars that unify at an angle on the bottom. This forms the outline of a lantern hanging from its handle. A gold ball in the center represents a burning glow. French […]

Small Lantern Pearl Earrings

Warmth joins elegance in these drop earrings. 18k yellow gold bars form the shape of an antique lantern. An akoya pearl in the center represents a fiery glow and French hooks complete the design. The earrings measuring 0.57 inches (width) by 1.2 inches (length) by 0.32 inches (depth).  

Geometric Lantern Akoya Pearl Earrings

Pearls and the precious metal serve as an elegant combination to recreate the brilliance of a lit lantern. An 18k yellow gold wired triangle is attached to a French hook wire, while a downturned geometric outline descends as the lantern. A gold wire secures a single round Akoya pearl, emitting a satin glow as the […]

Geometric Lantern Pearl Earrings

The glow of 18k yellow gold surrounds a lustrous pearl for these drop earrings inspired by the flare of a lantern. A gleaming tapered lever back leads to a wire in an upturned triangle. A wire descends from each side of the triangle to form a down turned geometric shape which serves as the lantern’s […]