Polar Bear Pearl Earrings

Descending from a folded loop, these polished 18k yellow gold polar bears are a unique update to classic pearl earrings. Craftsmanship includes detailed carving of the paws and eyes. The polar bears relax on top of a south sea pearl, giving the illusion of their limbs enclasping it. The total weight of the pearls are […]

Penguin Earrings with Pearls and Diamonds

Penguins safeguard their young in these drop earrings. The 18k yellow gold animals bow their heads, watching over the pearl eggs balanced between their feet. They hang from tapered gold glittering with pave set diamonds. Clip backs connect earring and ear. Each pearl measures 5mm across and weigh a combined 1.78 carats.

Koala Bear and Pearl Earrings

Koala bears gleam to enrich these earrings. Embracing a slightly upturned white South Sea pearl, they descend from 18k yellow gold loops and are fastened to the ears with post backs. The pearls weigh a total of 26.2 carats and measure 12.30 mm. Measurement detail – width 0.65 inches (17 mm), length 1.15 inches (29 […]

Penguin Pearl Earrings

These drop earrings feature penguins protecting their unhatched eggs . Each earring has a golden loop suspended from a post and friction back. A penguin hangs from the loop and stands upon a white South Sea pearl. Measurement detail – width .34 inches, length 1.05 inches, depth .4 inches.

Spider South Sea Pearl Earrings

Spiders are the highlight of these drop earrings. Rather than a web, the creatures suspend from gold loops. The golden spiders wrap their legs around white South Sea pearls, holding the jewel in place. Measurement detail – length 1.13 inches (29 mm), depth 0.53 inches (13 mm).

Sea Lion South Sea Pearl Earrings

Sea lions give an imaginative touch to these pearl drop earrings. Beginning with a loop formed by an overlapped strand of 18k yellow gold, this connects to a gold sea lion resting on top of a south sea pearl. Craftsmanship is given to the eyes, nose and flippers. The total weight of the pearls measuring […]

Frogs on South Sea Pearl Earrings

These drop earrings boast golden frogs. Both animals suspend from gold crossover loops. Rather than sit on lily pads, the frogs hug white South Sea pearls. The jewel’s luster hints at their luxurious quality. Measurement detail – width 0.6 inches (15 mm), length 1.2 inches (30 mm), depth 0.62 inches (16 mm).

Octopus South Sea Pearl Earrings

The spirit of the ocean is evoked by these earrings. An 18k yellow gold loop overlaps to support a descending gold octopus. Detail is given to the eyes of the octopus as well as its limbs that clutch a round white south sea pearl. A final touch of gold is visible under the pearl from […]

Small Starfish South Sea Pearl Earrings

Starfish give these marine drop earrings a whimsical air. The creatures hang from looped pieces of polished gold. Each starfish sports tiny balls and other textures on their bodies. The animals drape over white South Sea pearls, which are further secured with more gold. Measurement detail – width 0.48 inches (12 mm), length 1.13 inches […]

Starfish South Sea Pearl Earrings

Starfishes give a seaside rendition to the classic pearl drop earrings. Descending from an 18k yellow gold inter crossed loop is a gold starfish with a textured body for definition. The starfish clasps a luminous white south sea pearl, which has a gold wire within to ensure its secure. Collective weight for the gem is […]