Azurite Malachite Drop Earrings

Intense blue of azurite revolves within the deep green of malachite for a breathtaking gem, contrasted by gold and diamonds. Beginning the design, four 18k yellow gold rectangles overlap. The bottom and front rectangles are embellished with brilliant cut diamonds as a sparkling accent. This follows with a single brilliant cut diamond. Next descends an […]

Chrysocolla Tenarite Earrings

The enchanting blend of chrysocolla and tenorite is showcased in these earrings. 18k yellow gold rhombuses overlap with each other asymmetrically behind a cluster of brilliant cur diamonds for a playful element. A single brilliant cut diamond follows before a pear shape cut of the chrysocolla secured in gold prongs. The gemstone features fanciful veins […]

Chrysocolla Malachite Diamond Earrings

Chrysocolla and malachite give these drop earrings rich hues. The two gemstones intertwined into a single specimen, then were carved into triangular cuts with wavy green banding. Claw shaped 18k yellow gold prongs hold the stones in place. Round brilliant cut diamonds, singly mounted or pave set into triangles, add brightness to the design. These […]

Chrysocolla Malachite, Diamond Earrings

The complementary blue and green of semi-precious chrysocolla malachite is heightened by 18k yellow gold and brilliant cut diamonds for these bold drop earrings. A trio of circle carvings of 18k yellow gold overlap, with the farthest circle shimmering with pave-set brilliant cut diamonds. A single bezel-set brilliant cut diamond follows. Next, an elongated carving […]

Citrine and Montana Agate Earrings

These drop earrings show off the beauty of orange. Their uppers consist of round cut citrines. Below hang trillion cut Montana agate striped with wavy orange and edged in white. Round brilliant cut diamond covered prongs of 18k yellow gold hold the jewels together. These earrings are finished with clip backs. Measurement detail – width […]

Citrine and Montana Agate Earrings

These drop earrings show off citrine’s rich hues and agate’s multicolored nature. The tops feature deep orange citrines cut into rounds. Below hangs special cut Montana agate with white and orange banding, dotted with black. Round brilliant cut diamonds sit above the agate. Settings and links are 18k yellow gold. These earrings are finished with […]

Sonoran Sunset Drop Earrings

A semi precious gem is highlighted with gold and diamonds for these drop earrings. The motif begins with three layered 18k yellow gold squares turned as rhombuses, the top one glittering with brilliant cut diamonds. Next a single bezel set round diamond follows, then descends an elongated rectangle of Sonoran Sunset secured by gold claws. […]

Azurite Malachite Diamond Earrings

The beauty of merged gemstones, vivid blues of azurite and landscape hues of malachite, are the keynote of these earrings. 18k yellow gold rounds with four brilliant cut diamonds pavé set at the lower part, lead to a single diamond. Next gold prongs secure a special cut of the gemstone. An additional array of pavé […]

Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli or popularly known as lapis is the blue gemstone that has been used for thousands of years. It is still one of the most well-known opaque gemstones. Primarily Lapis is composed of the mineral Lazurite, Calcite and there are also traces of Pyrite.