Gold Pyramid Earrings (Extra Small)

The brilliance of gold is given prominence. A polished 18k yellow gold rhombus is the base with bars of the same material framing the edges. From each corner extends a gold arm that forms an openwork of a pyramid design. Your preference of clip-backs or push-posts will secure the earrings, which measure 0.84 inches (width) […]

Cushion Cube Dangling Earrings

Graduated frames make up these drop earrings. On top is an 18k yellow gold four-sided pyramid with a solid base and openwork sides. Underneath is a cube, followed by a larger cube. Jumbo friction backs hold the earrings in place. Measurement detail – width 0.75 inches (19 mm), length 1.78 inches (45 mm), depth 0.75 […]

Cushion Cube Drop Earrings

Geometric shapes are the inspiration for these earrings. Beginning with a polished openwork pyramid, follows a series of four cubes created from slender gold bars. The cubes ascend in size for sleek symmetrical design. Posts finish the earrings, which measure 0.75 inches (width) by 2.65 inches (length) by 0.78 inches (depth).  

Gold Pyramid Earrings

The flicker of gold is showcased in these geometric earrings. A high polished rhombus forms the base framed by slender gold bars. Extending from each corner are four bars forming a raised pyramid motif, which also shine against the highly reflective base. Clip-backs secure the earrings, which measure 0.76 inches (width) by 0.76 inches (length) […]

Medium Gold Pyramid Earrings

Golden reflections give these earrings a distinct glow. The base is a highly polished gold square, rotated on its side as a rhombus. An arm from each corner lifts and unites to form an openwork pyramid. 18k yellow gold forms the entire design. Clip-backs secure the earrings, which measure 0.84 inches (width) by 0.84 inches […]

Large Pyramid Diamond Earrings

Effulgence in metal and gemstone gives these earrings a memorable touch. A smooth 18k yellow gold square is rotated on its side as a rhombus for the base. Slender arms from each corner rise to form an openwork pyramid. Brilliant cut diamonds grace the edges of the base for additional light. This totals to 0.81 […]

Large Gold Pyramid Earrings

The radiance of gold gives these earrings a bright light. A polished square cut of 18k yellow gold is turned on its side as rhombus, while gold bars create a border. From each corner an arm raises up to form an openwork pyramid, which reflects on the base. Clip-backs join the ears to the earrings, […]