Black Onyx Ciao Bella Earrings

Black serves as these Ciao Bella earrings’ backdrop. The chosen jewel is onyx, shaped into balls with faceted surfaces. Light reflects every which way, turning some facets brown, and others white. Polished 18k yellow gold wires loop under and over the beads. The onyxes’ deep tones make the gold seem all the brighter. French wire […]

Carina Turquoise drop Earrings

The warm shade of gold complements the cool tone of turquoise. 18k yellow gold french hooks with knotted detailing secure gold loops sheltering an orb of turquoise. The gem is polished, which further emphasizes its vivid cyan hue. The total weight of the gem is 15.1 carats. Measurement detail – width .5 inches (13 mm), […]

Carina Smokey Topaz Earrings

Smoky topaz and gold make these drop earrings a study in contrast. Faceted 12mm topaz balls provide a dark surface for white light reflections. Smooth 18k yellow gold wire curves around the beads for a bright counterpoint. French wire connects earrings to ears. Measurement detail – width 0.52 inches (13 mm), length 0.68 inches (17 […]

Carina Facetted Citrine Earrings

Gold and citrine turn these drop earrings into a study in yellow. Each earring contains a round faceted citrine bead. Its hues are faint enough to display the gold stem inside. More 18k yellow gold wraps around the jewel in decorative loops. French wire tops complete the design. Measurement detail – width 0.46 inches (12 […]

Doppio Rope Crystal Earrings

Light and texture are the basis of these Doppio earrings. A facetted sphere of crystal gleams in multiple directions as the selected gem. Two 18k yellow gold ropes cradle the crystal, linking to a triangle above and below the gem. The total weight of the crystal is 2 carats. French hooks secure the earrings, which […]

Doppio Lemon Quartz Earrings

Deep golden hues are the theme for these Doppio earrings. A facetted orb of lemon quartz emits bright yellow and olive hues as the light falls upon it. 18k yellow gold hoops secure the gem and lead to triangle loops at the top and bottom of the gem. French hooks bring the ears to the […]

Smoky Topaz and Crystal Carina Earrings

Contrasting gems accompany each other for these Carina earrings. An 18k yellow gold French hook features triangular loops that lead to a facetted globe of smoky topaz, followed by circle links leading to a glistening crystal and then another smoky topaz. The gray brown of the smoky topaz heightens the center crystal. Each 12mm gem […]

Carina Turquoise Drop Earrings

The astounding hue of turquoise is the highlight of these Carina earrings. 18k yellow gold French hooks lead to loops nestling a 14mm globe of turquoise. The gem is polished to underline its sleek surface, while the metal fasteners emphasize its prized blue green tone. The total weight of the turquoise is 42 carats. Measurements […]

Doppio Crystal Ball Drop Earrings

A lustrous crystal is paired with the radiance of 18k yellow gold for these drop earrings. A globe of crystal is double-faceted to play off the light. The gold wire within the crystal holds it in place, while a pair of gold hoops secured to a triangular-shaped loop at the top and bottom protect the […]

Carina Amethyst Earrings

These earrings are made in 18kt yellow gold, they feature an amethyst ball and are finished with a french hook. Measurement detail – width 13.36 mm, length 16.36 mm, depth 13.46 mm.