Diamond Anniversary Bands

Diamond bands are the top choice for engagement and wedding bands. As well as their beauty, diamonds stand for the unbreakable bonds between a couple. The ring, an endless circle, represents enduring love. Diamond anniversary bands follow these symbols. Some anniversary traditions, like silver for 25 years and gold for 50, have a long history. […]

Diamond Anniversary Ring Styles

Finding the Best Ring for You It’s hard to pinpoint when people started exchanging anniversary bands. However, the tradition of gifts commemorating a wedding date goes as far back as the Roman empire. It’s also common to give diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Diamond anniversary bands is an extension of these customs. One style […]

Diamond Anniversary Bands: A Sparkling Way to Impress

Whether it is your first anniversary or the fiftieth, dazzling diamond anniversary bands are always appropriate and elegantly appreciated. However, do not let the name fool you into deciding that an anniversary band is limited by the certainty of this specific occasion. Anniversary bands also make perfect wedding bands. In fact, a diamond anniversary band […]

How to Choose Charmingly Perfect Diamond Anniversary Bands

Among various types of jewelry meant to specifically complement certain occasions, diamond anniversary bands remain decidedly popular and appreciated. This diamond ring makes for an ideal gift for the special one in your life as you celebrate the greatest milestones and anniversaries of times spent together. And just like your loved one, finding ‘the’ exquisitely ideal […]

Guide to Buying a Diamond Anniversary Band

The special days of our lives should be commemorated in the most special manner. So when it comes to celebrating a milestone anniversary, the moment should be sealed with the most precious gift. There is nothing like renewing your commitment to one another on that day and re-living the moment in all its initial glory […]

Diamond Anniversary Rings Are A Pledge Of Love

Diamond anniversary bands are a lovely way to remember a married couples’ years together. The rings have a wealth of meanings, commemorating children the pair has raised together, marking milestones experienced side by side, or celebrating their happiness. Sometimes when a couple gets engaged, their budgets don’t allow for a diamond ring. In later years […]

Diamond Anniversary Rings – Gifts that last for a lifetime

Anniversary rings are a modern idea, with few time honored designs. However, giving a ring to commemorate a meaningful day is one of the most romantic gifts one can give. ValentinMagro.com‘s specialized diamond anniversary rings speak volumes about how much you care for your spouse, Even after all this time. Three centerpieces to indicate different […]

Anniversary Diamond Bands

Centuries ago, couples received gifts of silver or gold to honor milestone anniversaries together. As time passed, more people felt that every year together was worth celebrating. These occasions are marked with cards, evenings out, and even diamond anniversary bands.

What Makes A Diamond Ring an Ideal Anniversary Gift?

Since already a lot of rings are exchanged on the day of engagement, people tend to shift away from the financial risk zone for anniversaries. However, the yearning to do something special drives them to the edge of a monetary plunge and they end up giving in to ideas like buying all-inclusive holiday tickets to […]

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