Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings are old and new. Variants of the diamond cut have been around for centuries. Modern versions of the stone are designed for extra brightness. The rings themselves may emulate vintage looks or modern trends. Cushion cuts are an older relative to the round brilliant. They came about as a way to […]

Why are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings becoming so popular?

If there is one cut that has the power and beauty to outshine the very popular round and princess cut, they are the cushion cut engagement rings. They are challenging to find because they are still not available in large numbers yet, that doesn’t rule out the fact that they are already on the brink […]

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings – Elegant and Classy

Long before technology has given birth to the modern flawlessly round-shaped diamonds, the celebrated cushion cut helped outline a number of history’s most exquisite and well-known diamonds. For that very reason of combining class with beauty, the cushion cut diamond remains one of most sought-after and timeless diamond shapes. Also known as ‘candlelight diamonds’ – […]

Go Classic with a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Before the advent of the round brilliant cut, diamond cutters experimented with ways to make a jewel shine while preserving as much of the stone as possible. During the 1700 and early 1800s, a popular cut that stuck this balance was the cushion. A mix between an oval and a square, this shape continues to […]

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Brilliant cut diamonds adorn this platinum engagement ring. The center stone is a cushion cut diamond mounted with four prongs. Round brilliant cut diamonds grace the shank. They’re secured with common prongs, where neighboring jewels share a setting. This price is for the mounting only.

Cushion Cut & Trapezoids Engagement Ring

This diamond engagement ring is a study in shape. Its center stone is a cushion cut diamond 1.55ct in size, with an outline between a square and an oval. On either side are trapezoid cut diamonds. A double shank frames the jewels with a marquise shape. Pave set round diamonds make the platinum band shimmer. […]

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A 1.6 carat cushion cut diamond is the centerpiece of this platinum engagement ring. The gem is outlined in a bezel setting. It’s further framed with baguette cut diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds creating a scalloped edge. The jewels rest on a double shank shining with pave set diamonds. This price is for the […]

5 Invaluable Tips for Engagement Ring Buyers

Buying an engagement ring is not a straightforward task of selection and payment. It involves countless infinitesimal things that collectively contribute to the procurement of the perfect ring. There are tons of tradeoffs that a person needs to assess and weigh before the final ring is found. To help you finish this convoluted and arduous […]

Cushion Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

Cushion cut diamonds highlight this three stone engagement ring. Cushion cuts are an antique cut known for their brightness and distinct shape. The largest of the three acts as a center stone while the smaller two sit on either side. Double plate mountings hold them together. Platinum makes up the band and settings. This price […]

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