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0.61ct Princess Cut Diamond

This Princess Cut diamond is accompanied by an original GIA Certificate
Inventory Number: 6197203081

Certificate Number 6197203081
Certificate Type GIA Certificate
Cut Good Cut
Clarity I1
Color K
Carat 0.61
Dimensions 4.65 x 4.61 x 3.44mm
Table Width 71.0%
Total Depth 74.5%
Fluorescence None
Girdle Slightly Thick To Thick
Culet None
Symmetry Good
Polish Good
Price - $650

Color: K

K Color - Faint Color (yellowish/brownish) | K-M slight trace of color in the yellowish to brownish, can be easily detected or seen.

Clarity: I1

I1 – Included | These diamonds have inclusions which are clearly visible under 10x magnification, they may also feature inclusions which affect the durability of the diamond; some might even be visible without magnification, specially in the I3 category.

These clarity diagrams are for illustration purposes only. Inclusions will vary within the same grade and apply to all diamond shapes.

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