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0.30ct Cushion Cut Diamond

This Cushion Cut diamond is accompanied by an original GIA Certificate
Inventory Number: 6177436659 - VIEW REPORT

Certificate Number 6177436659
Certificate Type GIA Certificate
Cut Excellent Cut
Clarity SI2
Color D
Carat 0.30
Dimensions 4.09 x 3.90 x 2.46mm
Table Width 59.0%
Total Depth 63.0%
Fluorescence None
Culet None
Symmetry Good
Polish Very Good
Price - $396

Color: D

D Color - Colorless | Top color grade, the purest color in diamonds

Clarity: SI2

SI2 – Slightly Included | These diamonds feature inclusions which can be easy to spot under 10x magnification, SI2 is a lower grade than SI1.

These clarity diagrams are for illustration purposes only. Inclusions will vary within the same grade and apply to all diamond shapes.

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