Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Round brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most famed diamond cuts. The cut has been a massive favorite since its debut, appearing on countless designs. On engagement rings, the cut appears everywhere from center stones to tiny pave jewels. It is the most sought out cut for engagement rings.

Many antique cuts, from the single to the old European, sought to better illuminate the jewel. The round brilliant improves upon older cuts. According to the round brilliant’s creator, Marcel Tolkowsky, adhering to the right measurements and proportions optimized brilliance.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Guidelines for the round brilliant are strict. There are fifty seven to fifty eight facets with specific placements. The jewel’s recommended depth and facet angles keep light traveling within the stone for as long as possible. A strong polish supplements the shine inside the diamond.

One classic round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is a solitaire within four or six prongs. A gem bordered with smaller round brilliants adds sparkle and gives the impression of a larger jewel. Three round brilliants set in a row stand for the past, present and future of a relationship. Tiny round brilliants may form pave mounted designs.

Popular settings for a round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring include prong mounts. These slim bars allow plenty of light into the stone. Bezel settings frame the jewel and protect delicate girdles. Pave and micro pave settings use scant burrs to hold miniscule jewels close together. The effect is a ring covered in diamonds.