Love and Rings
Your heart and your ringDiamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings are symbols of love. Hearts are considered to be the seat of emotion and sentiment. Phrases describing those in love include “two hearts beating as one,” “having the heart of the other,” and so on. Heart imagery on diamond rings make a romantic combination.

Hearts are portrayed with two rounded lobes on top which join together before ending in a point. They are a popular motif and appear in many types of jewelry. Hearts may be made of many small jewels, such as a pave set, engraved, enameled and so on. One fancy brilliant cut is heart shaped.

Heart shaped diamonds are a complex cut. The portions that make up the jewel are called the cleft, lobes, belly, wings and tip. These are curves and points that need to balance one another, without any one component standing out. Its point may be cut so its facets slope towards the bottom center, or receive shorter French tip facets. Parts of its girdle are thicker than others to help create the shape.

Ideal heart diamonds have a 1:1 length width ratio. The stone should be symmetrical, with a defined tip. Its sides should be gently curved, neither too flat nor bowed. The interior of the jewel should have a balance of white light and flashes of color. While play of light and shadow is expected in the jewel, dark patches shouldn’t be too large.

With heart shaped diamonds, there are many design possibilities. The jewel can be paired with a variety of side stones, or brightened with halos. Mounts such as cathedral and prong sets help showcase the stone’s brilliance, and bezels frame the jewel. Those who are feeling fanciful may want to look into crisscross, antique or other shanks to go with their heart engagement rings.