How Yellow Appears in Diamond RingsThe demand for colorful rings varies depending on trends and individual tastes. Of these hues, yellow is a popular color. It appears in many forms, such as gold. Unique engagement rings may add yellow jewels to intrigue the wearer.

Gold is a precious metal admired for many reasons, including its malleability. In its purest state, gold is a deep yellow hue. For diamond rings, it’s usually mixed with other materials for strength. Depending on the alloy, its color may change or retain its original hue. The term “yellow gold” clarifies whether or not the metal changed color.

Most diamonds have a subtle yellow tint. The degree of color is rated on a scale of D-Z, with D as the lightest. Depending on the design or a buyer’s interest, they may aim for a jewel towards the middle or end of the range. Some rare diamonds have even deeper color.

Some factors like availability influence how color is used in a diamond engagement ring. If a particular stone is hard to come by, it may be used as a highlight rather than the centerpiece. One such ring in Valentin Magro’s collection has a double halo. Nestled between the light center diamond and outer border are fancy yellow jewels.

Yellow gold is also used for contrast. Some gold wedding bands in the Custom Diamond Collection use multiple colors. A couple designs use stripes, such as one ring that’s half yellow and half white gold. Another uses yellow pinstripes to edge an otherwise white band. A third ring lines the band in yellow as a secret just for the wearer.