Coordinating Rings

Many diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are sold individually. Wedding sets are two or more rings which commemorate these romantic milestones. They appeal to couples who prefer to ring shop only once. Others enjoy the coordinated look of their diamond bands.

A popular variation on wedding sets is the engagement/wedding pair. The diamond engagement ring usually has the larger jewels and flashier design. The wedding band may feature several smaller diamonds or none at all. Both rings are created to look attractive worn together. Some sets may even resemble one large band split in two.

Another type of wedding set includes rings for both people. Men’s wedding bands focus on subtle embellishments and discrete diamond settings. Wedding bands for women are more likely to feature diamonds of greater size and quantity. The couple’s rings will have jewels of similar cut and shape for a united theme.

Valentin Magro’s Custom Diamond Collection allows visitors to design their own wedding sets. They can create as many or as few rings as they’d like, from engagement to anniversary rings. We offer a range of precious metals, diamond cuts and settings. Our ring sizing chart ensures the bands will fit.

Our stackable rings feature engagement and wedding ring subsections. From either one, you can choose from an array of band types, mounts and diamonds. For every selection, an image appears on the design board. You’ll get to see what your rings will look like and only buy once you’re satisfied.