Wedding Bands for Women

Women’s Ring Designs and Customs

Aesthetics may change, but wedding bands continue. The love and devotion they represent is always prized. Women have a longer history of wearing wedding rings. This is reflected in the wide array of designs made with them in mind.

Engagement rings and wedding bands for women look similar at first glance. Both are made of precious metals and often mounted with jewels. However, engagement rings are more elaborate and more likely to have diamonds. Wedding bands favor subtler decorations.

Diamond wedding bands often have smaller jewels. These stones may be placed in intervals around the ring, or mounted in a line. Fanciful versions may have rows on diamonds on top one another, or unusually shaped bands like arches or wreaths. Popular styles include pave and eternity wedding bands.

Some women may prefer plain metal rings. Their looks range from understated low dome bands to ribbed, geometric and more. Crisscross rings are two shanks formed to create an X and embellished as the wearer pleases. Center cuts have two groves running across the ring’s width, and knife edges feature a defined ridge. Choice of band width and precious metal adds more design possibilities.

After marriage, some women replace their engagement rings with wedding bands. Others wear the two rings on the same finger. For the latter, there are custom ring features which allows them to design their own stackable rings. These allow the bands to be as coordinated or complimentary as their wearer prefers.