Looking at Men’s Ring Designs
Article about Men's Wedding BandsWedding bands are a tangible sign of a loving, committed relationship. The practice is centuries old, but for most of that time, only women wore them. By the 20th century, both men and women donned the rings. Men’s wedding bands are sometimes overshadowed by their female counterparts, but still deserve attention.

Men’s rings are usually subtle in design. Their diamond wedding bands tend to have stones smaller than the shank width, and light on jewels. Plain bands focus on the shape of the ring as well as polish. Engravings range from elaborate designs on the outside of the ring to discrete messages on the inner portion.

As with wedding bands for women, precious metal is popular. Platinum’s silvery white color and resistance to tarnish make it a top choice. Gold wedding bands come in a variety of colors, such as yellow, white and rose. Multicolor gold rings may feature stripes or other flourishes.

Wedding sets allow couples to purchase two or more rings at once. Most versions have an engagement and wedding band. Others have two wedding rings. The sets usually have coordinating designs for a united look.

Those who are particular about what they want might turn to custom rings. Design-your-own-ring systems offer a choice of metal, ring size and a range of designs. These can be flamboyant with diamonds or as simple as a low dome band. Engravings are available to connoisseurs who want a personal touch.