Unisex Ring Designs

Versatile Styles
There are many rings made with women in mind, and some for men. Some people may be uncomfortable with the idea of gender specific designs. For them, there are diamond bands anyone would be happy to wear. These can have one stone or many, but are always attractive.

Unisex Ring Designs

Solitaire diamond rings have only one stone mounted on their bands. They can be subdued or extravagant, depending on the jewel and setting. Many unisex type diamond engagement rings feature simple bands. Their diamonds may be smaller or wider than the shank, depending on preference.

Halos are made of small jewels bordering a larger gemstone. While shapes such as ovals, squares and rectangles are used, circles are the most common. A halo’s width varies depending on diamond size and personal taste. The embellishment adds brilliance to the ring and makes the central diamond appear larger.

Side stones are mounted on either side of the main gem, bringing more sparkle to the ring. These jewels often come in pairs, with one on either side of the big jewel. Rows of side stones add even more shine to the design. Many of these may be prong set, though channel and pave mounts are also common.

Pave settings encrust portions of a ring with closely set diamonds. Sometimes they appear as side stones, other times as halos. Pave can also cover greater portions of the band. Other rings may have the setting as its primary look, doing away with larger gems altogether. This style is good for highlighting unusual band shapes, like spirals.