On television, magazines and elsewhere, people wear diamond bands on one finger each. Stackable rings are coordinating pieces designed to be worn one on top another. These rings are often on the thin side for ease of layering, but come in many widths. Designs range from simple bands to diamond encrusted confections. Engagement rings and wedding bands may be worn as stackable rings.

Stacking Rings One Top the OtherGuard rings are slim bands meant to be worn above another ring. If a band is too loose, guard rings help prevent the other band from slipping off. A variation on guard rings are designed to protect ornate yet fragile pieces. Guard rings sometimes do double duty as a wedding band, and are placed above the diamond engagement ring.

Depending on the couple, they may buy engagement and wedding rings at the same time. Matching groups of these bands are known as wedding sets. Unlike fashion rings, they rarely are worn more than two to a finger. Some sets are also designed with rings for both halves of the couple. Wedding sets are popular for the coordinating designs, as well as the convenience of shopping just once.

Those looking for customized stackable rings will find them at ValentinMagro.com, under the Custom Diamond Collection. After choosing your desired ring size, options appear at the bottom of the page. The tab labeled “engagement rings” offer different band styles such as four prong, six prong and half-bezels come with six sub designs, such as double shanks or channel settings. Connoisseurs may also choose between eleven diamond cuts and five types of precious metal.

Under the “wedding band” tab are thirteen types of rings. Five of these are diamond wedding bands and the rest are plain metal. Of the former, styles range from crisscross to diamond eternity bands. The metal rings have different shapes and decorations, such as domed centers, step cut edges and engravings. As with the engagement rings, these bands come in a variety of metals.

There are two major types of wedding sets. One has bands with similar appearances which form a complete design worn apart or together. Another version resembles a single large ring divided in two. The Custom Diamond Collection at valentinmagro.com will help create the stacking rings you desire.