What Goes in a One of a Kind Ring

Making Unique Diamond Engagement RingsThe desire to have something that is yours and yours alone is a strong one. Engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings are no different. Some people desire unique engagement rings to make a statement or imbue extra meaning to their diamond bands. There are many ways to find your one of a kind ring.

Diamonds and rings have been closely connected for centuries. Modern technology has not only lead to more available stones, but also a wealth of cuts. There are cushions and round brilliants for the classical minded, hearts for the romantic, triangles for the avant-garde and more. Diamond rings with more than one jewel may play with multiple cuts for striking effect.

Precious metal is an essential element to diamond engagement rings. They add color and luster, provide another medium for decoration, and serve as mounts for jewels. Gold, white gold and platinum are popular choices. All of these metals may be made as subdued or intricate as the wearer prefers.

Side stones and halos are popular ways to add flair to rings. True to their name, side stones are placed on the shoulders of the ring, flanking the main jewel. Halos are borders of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger gem. Pave diamond bands, which encrust metal with gemstones, is another go-to decoration.

Precious metal’s malleability allows for detailed designs. These can be extravagant, like gold bands that resemble a wreath of leaves. Others may feature grooves, step cut edges or molded-on swirls. Still more rings may have several bands which split apart, twist together or crisscross.

Wearers who are particular about their rings may wish to use custom design programs. These allow users to select diamonds by shape, cut, size and other qualities. Along with the choice of metal is an array of mounts to choose from, and possible embellishments. Other clients prefer to work directly with the jeweler to create the ring of their dreams.