A Look at Design

Engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings have common elements. They’re made of precious metal, adorned with diamonds and come in many designs. People looking for diamond rings want something attractive, but may have trouble figuring out what that means. What connoisseurs find beautiful varies.

What Makes a Ring Pretty - Precious Metal

Precious metal is known for its ease of shaping. Gold can be flattened to a fraction of a millimeter and platinum stretched to the thinnest wires. These qualities allow for fine detail in diamond bands, be it decoration or minute prongs. Both metals can take on many textures and polishes to please the wearer. Precious metals come in different colors, especially gold. Multihued rings allow for more design possibilities, like with edgings.

What Makes a Ring Pretty - Cut draws out a diamond’s full beauty

Cut draws out a diamond’s full beauty. Brilliant and mixed cuts fill the jewel with light. Step cuts highlight the clarity of the gem. Depending on the stone, some qualities may be played up more than others. One may have strong brilliance while another showcases luster. It’s best to see photos or the jewels in person to decide which ones you enjoy.

The larger the diamond, the more uncommon. Buyers may seek out bigger gems in order to stand out. Shapes such as the marquise and oval appear larger than their actual carat. They may be a good compromise between desire and availability. Size however is only one factor in diamond quality. Cut, clarity and color also contribute to the jewel’s final appearance.

There are many ways to secure a diamond to the ring. Prongs use thin pieces of metal to hold the jewel. This allows more light to travel through the gem. Bezel settings have a strip of metal which wraps around the stone’s edge and provides a decorative border. Cathedral mounts create a pedestal for diamonds. All settings have their unique appeal.

Some people enjoy the look of an unadorned band. Others may decorate their ring with more diamonds. Halos consist of smaller jewels outlining a larger stone and adding brilliance. Side stones also provide sparkle. Other forms of embellishment include the metal itself. Antique, knife edge and double groove bands add texture to rings.

The best person to decide if a ring is beautiful, is you. To find what you like, be sure to look at a variety of designs. Valentinmagro.com has engagement and wedding ring galleries. We also have design boards for those who want to create their own ring.