Other Ways to Get Your Diamond Ring
Some people find their perfect diamond engagement rings in one fell swoop. Others may find their ideal rings piecemeal, selecting the bands, metals and more. Still more might want to change their existing rings. Loose diamonds offer flexibility with your ring’s appearance.

Part of the appeal of loose diamonds is greater control over your ideal ring. People can choose a jewel with the qualities they desire, and then find a compatible setting. Another option is to have a unique band made for the diamond. Valentin Magro not only offers custom jewelry, but has design-your-own-ring services. Both help you pair the diamond you love with your perfect band.

A person may have a ring they enjoy, but wish to change the stone. Perhaps they want to update their diamond wedding band to an anniversary ring. Another possibility is upgrading engagement rings with modest gems for something more opulent. Loose diamonds help connoisseurs achieve their goals.

It’s best to keep the Four Cs in mind when browsing for loose diamonds. Carat, color cut and clarity are the cornerstones for gauging a diamond’s quality. If you already have a ring you’re buying diamonds for, keep the stone’s dimensions in mind. Your ideal jewel should fit the setting.

When selecting loose diamonds on valentinmagro.com, you will find a chart listing available diamonds by many qualities. Along with the Four Cs, shape, certificate, polish and symmetry are listed. Shape provides the names of different forms and cuts, like step cut emerald or fancy brilliant hearts. Certificates from a reliable laboratory documents a jewel’s quality. Polish and symmetry indicate how well the gemstone was crafted. Above the chart are sliding scales to help you narrow your choices.