Diamond Care and Cleaning

Engagement rings, wedding bands and other diamond rings are made to be as attractive as possible. This means careful attention to quality and design. Many of these bands carry extra significance, marking romantic milestones in a person’s life. Caring for your ring will keep it as beautiful later as it is now.

Diamond’s name comes from the ancient Greek word for “unbreakable,” but the stone is still prone to damage. The thinner the jewel, the more vulnerable it becomes. Diamonds with corners or points should be set so the mount covers fragile areas. Those who want to be extra careful may want to remove their rings before strenuous activities such as sports.

How your diamond bands are stored also influences durability. Only a diamond can scratch another diamond. Placing two loose rings in the same box may lead to abrasions. Keeping the bands separate, such as in different bags or compartments, will lower the risk of harm.

Over time, prongs may become loose. If this occurs, the gems on the band may rub against one another, forming scratches. Many jewelers offer repair services. Feel free to ask if they’re willing to tighten your prongs.

Dust and other debris may accumulate on your ring, dulling its sparkle. Cleaning can restore its original brilliance. Some people prefer professional cleanings at their jeweler’s. Those who wish to do so at home have many techniques to choose from. Warm water and mild detergent is a safe, popular method.