Before the wedding day is the engagement, where people wear rings to signal their upcoming joy. While many are satisfied with traditional diamond engagement rings, others want to stand out. Valentin Magro’s Custom Diamond Collection has a page for creating the band you desire.

How We Help Make Your Dream Engagement Ring

The first thing you’ll see is a white screen, the design board. As you select from the options available, the board will change to reflect your creation. A play button on the bottom left provides a three-dimensional view of your ring. If you’re not yet satisfied, “Drag Here to Remove” and “Start Over” resets your project.

One of the choices available is the style of diamond. There are eleven shapes to select, from the round brilliant cut diamond to radiant cut diamonds. Sliding scales narrow your search by price, clarity, color and other factors. A chart at the bottom shows available jewels matching your criteria.

“Select a Setting” determines the mount and band. There are over twenty to choose from, though not every jewel is compatible with all designs. The option to choose a center stone helps find what shank is compatible with your chosen diamond type. A few bands offer subtypes, such as four prong rings with double shanks.

Under setting options are precious metal selections. Platinum, white gold and yellow gold are the featured materials. Gold gets a special mention, as both colors have different karats, or concentrations to choose from. Fourteen karat is more affordable, while eighteen has a higher amount of gold.

At the bottom of the page is an ever-shifting gallery. As you decide what you want for your ring, possible looks appear. Narrowing your options reduces the pictures, allowing a clearer view of what to choose from. The final choice appears on the design board.

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