Rings that Best Represent You

Diamond engagement rings embody the love two people have for one another. Every relationship is different, and some couples want their rings to be as distinct as them. They want diamond rings which reflect what they find beautiful, or designs with special meanings. Jewelers aim to meet this demand, finding new ways to create unique engagement rings.

Some designer rings, especially engagement rings for women, focus on the diamonds. This can include mounting small diamonds along the shoulders and bands, or adding halos. Larger stones may be a well-cut jewel in a solitaire band, or paired with other gems to create three stone rings. Still more diamond engagement rings might place gemstones in stylized heart or flower shapes.

Other unique engagement rings play with the bands. This includes split shanks, double grooves, knife edges and more. The rings may be fashioned to be slender and delicate, or wider to better showcase subtle decorations. Some fanciful diamond bands include split shanks twisted around one another like infinity symbols.

Another way to make your ring stand out is through touches of color. This can be as simple as mounting jewels in rose or yellow gold. Other designer engagement rings mix colored gemstones with diamonds, with one serving as a halo to the other, or placing the two stones side by side. Still other styles use enamel to serve as a contrast to diamonds.

Those who want greater control of their ring’s appearance have options. One is to find a jeweler who offers a “design your own engagement ring” feature. This service allows customers to choose the cut and quality of diamond, precious metal, mounting and decorations. People looking for still more choice in their engagement rings should feel free to ask about custom made rings and designs.


Engagement Ring Design

A marriage proposal highlights the love and commitment two people have for one another. This moment includes a ring, symbol of this new happiness. With a ring so rich with meaning, it’s not surprising couples are particular about what they want. While jewelers offer a wealth of designer engagement rings, some people prefer having a say in its appearance.

Unique engagement ringsSome jewelers offer a create-your-own-ring feature. At Valentin Magro, this is an interactive webpage which includes a design board with pictures of your diamond engagement ring in progress. Icons at the left, right and bottom of the page allow you to change the ring as you see fit. Still more options give users the choice to print, email or share their creation.

The design page allows for an informed choice of diamond. The first step is to choose a cut from eleven options. This selection leads to a list of available jewels of this type, along with information on each stone’s qualities. Carat, color and clarity are mentioned, along with the finer points of the gemstone’s cut quality.

Precious metal selections include platinum, yellow gold and white gold. Both types of gold are available in different karats, 14K and 18K. When you select the precious metal you want, the design board image changes to reflect your preference. No matter which metal you choose, it’s available in your desired mount.

There are eighteen settings to choose from. Some are elaborate, offering halos, side stones or other decorations. Those who like an understated effect can choose between different prong and bezel styles as well as band design. When you click on a setting, the design image will feature the mount, enlarged to show more detail. If you have questions or would like something that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Fancy Cut Engagement Rings

Fancy cut diamonds are modified brilliants with novel shapes. Pears, hearts, marquises and others stand out from the ever-popular round brilliant. People looking for unique engagement rings may want to consider fancy cuts. Each shape has its special characteristics.

Pear shaped diamonds are elongated jewels with a rounded end and a pointed one. They’re usually mounted on diamond rings with the tip facing the fingernail, making the hand look longer. Pear diamonds look their best with a defined tip and a curved bottom that’s neither too broad or flat. Recommended length to width ratios fall between 1.5 to 1 and 1.75.

Marquise diamonds have two pointed tips. Their slender shape makes them look larger than their carat weight. This makes them an affordable jewel for the budget minded. While they’re slim, overly narrow cuts may leave the diamond fragile. Ideal length to width ratios are 1.75-2.25 to 1.

Oval diamonds predate the round brilliant by centuries, though modern technology makes them brighter than ever. They coordinate well with other shapes for those who want multi stone diamond engagement rings. Keys to a beautiful oval diamond include a gently rounded middle and shoulders. Their length to width ratio is flexible, with 1.33-1.66 to 1 range.

Heart engagement rings are popular for their romantic symbolism. Their shape is complex, with many factors going into making a beautiful cut. First is a defined tip. The edges leading to it should have a subtle roundness. The two lobes that shape the top look best with stronger curves, and a distinct cleft between them. Their length and width should be about even, or one to one.