Diamond Eternity Bands are A Magnificent Way to Pledge Your Love

Diamond eternity bands

Eternity bands are rings that contain a wealth of diamonds, enough to encircle the entire band. The diamonds are of the same size and cut, creating a ring that looks the same no matter which direction it’s turned. The settings may vary, with prongs, common prongs channel set, or pave.

In the 1960s, the diamond company DeBeers had large quantities of diamonds under 0.25 carats at a time when engagement rings with a single large stone were popular. DeBeers designed the eternity ring, creating a marketing campaign explaining how the diamonds circling the finger representing the lasting bond of love between two people. Eternity bands are used to commemorate anniversaries, or serve as a wedding ring.


Why choose an eternity band?

One type of diamond ring features many same sized stones encircling the finger, forming an endless loop. Known as diamond eternity wedding band, the idea behind the design is continual devotion from one person to another. Like the row of diamonds, your love has no end.

Show your sweetheart how much you care by using an eternity band to mark your wedding or anniversary. Make your relationship stand out by choosing the style of eternity band that best suits the two of you. Some rings keep their stones in place with the aid of prongs, while others embed their diamonds in a channel of precious metal. A number of diamond connoisseurs prefer cool toned metal such as white gold or platinum to brighten their jewels. Others may enjoy a yellow gold eternity wedding band, using the warm hue to represent the happiness of their marriage.

A true celebration of love and commitment, diamond eternity rings make for a charming way to commemorate life’s significant milestones. Usually considered a great gift for anniversaries, eternity rings can make any occasion amazingly special. Even if it is not your wedding or anniversary, with an exquisite eternity band, you can choose almost any day and any time to pledge your unending love and commitment to your love in the most charming way. Whatever may be the occasion, the elegance, glamor and sophistication of a diamond eternity band is never going to let you down.


What is an Eternity Ring?

Technically, diamond eternity bands can be defined as precious metal rings showcasing an unbroken circle of identical diamonds. Because the diamonds in the ring are visible from all possible angles, the rings emit a level of fire and sparkle that’s truly breathtaking. For a ring to be called an eternity ring, it should possess five or more diamonds arranged in a row, devoid of any central stone. The stunning elegance and sophisticated beauty of diamond eternity rings are believed to contribute to their immense popularity in the market.


When Should an Eternity Ring be Given?

Honestly speaking, you don’t give an eternity ring because you should. It is a reflection of your never ending love that can be given on almost any occasion. While some say, your first anniversary is the perfect time to gift your love an eternity band, some say it should be your tenth. And others propose that you should wait until your 60th or golden wedding anniversary arrives to pamper your girl with a beautiful eternity ring. The present times are witnessing a growing trend of giving diamond eternity bands on the birth of the first child, or on the birth of each child. To put it in a simple way, there’s no specific occasion that defines the perfect time for an eternity ring. It is you who needs to decide the ideal time for expressing your eternal love and everlasting commitment to your love with a charming eternity ring.

All diamond eternity rings flaunt the same style – diamonds in a row set all the way around the band. However, the one aspect that differs eternity rings from one another is the diamond setting. Some of the popular options available in the market today include, but are not limited to Prong Setting, Pave Setting and Bezel Setting. Based on your preference and budget, proceed towards taking your best pick.