Adapting Your Engagement Ring

People wear diamond engagement rings as a sign of their upcoming marriage. Afterwards, they don wedding bands. What happens to engagement rings after the wedding depends on individual preferences. The ring may be transformed, worn with the wedding band and other possibilities.

Engagement Rings after the Wedding

One option is to multitask, reusing the engagement ring as a wedding band. Frugal minded people may take this approach. Some ring designs have traditions regarding how to wear them to indicate romantic status. Changing the position and finger for the band shows the person is now married.

Many couples want a clearer distinction between engagement and marriage. If they decide to keep their engagement rings, the bands can be transformed. One method is to shop for loose diamonds. After finding the right gems, the couple might switch the diamonds in their rings. The change of jewels transitions the bands from one milestone to another.

Some people may also do the reverse, keeping the original diamond but changing the ring. Diamonds are full of romantic symbolism. Moving the stone may indicate while the relationship has changed, its essence is still there. Couples may also change to a new design, such as something more elaborate or streamlined.

The engagement ring may continue to stay on the finger long after marriage, worn with the wedding band. Some people buy coordinating rings with stacking in mind. Others take this a step further, designing two bands which form a larger, complete piece when placed together.