The Edwardian period, which ranged from 1901 to 1910, was known for its luxurious jewelry. Garland motifs that emulated flower wreaths were in style, as was lacy openwork designs, bow jewelry that resembled ribbons, and other looks that promoted fluid lines. Diamonds were cut to be as brilliant as possible, and advances in technology helped make platinum the choice precious metal for the era. People who want a classical and romantic diamond engagement ring may want to consider Edwardian inspired designer engagement rings.

Though the round brilliant cut diamond was developed after the Edwardian age, the diamond’s reflective qualities emulate the brightness that many pieces of the era tried to achieve. People looking for a stone more contemporary to the period may want to consider oval diamonds or cushion cut engagement rings, whose dimensions are closer to the cuts used during the period. Heart engagement rings were also used during this period, adding a romantic flair to the modern connoisseur.

Diamonds for this style of ring do well in a prong setting that allows plenty of light into the jewel. Bezel mounts for diamond rings were also popular at this time. White gold, platinum and similar colored metal blend in with and play up diamonds’ reflective qualities. Pave on the band adds yet more light, while scrolls, garlands and openwork create a delicate appearance. Any one or more of these elements will form a ring that emulates the classical beauty of an Edwardian style diamond engagement ring.