Diamonds are the most popular jewel for engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. They’re brilliant, durable and represent an enduring relationship. With most diamond rings, color comes from the choice of metal, like yellow or rose gold. Uncommon ring designs may add colored gemstones to the mix.

Diamonds, Colored Gemstones and RingsOn platinum and white gold engagement rings, the tone on tone look is typical. Colored gemstones add touches of color, highlighting the design. A simple way to achieve this is by adding a halo of gemstones around the diamond. This makes shape and color of the main jewel stand out in relief. Even adding a few gemstones to an otherwise diamond border is striking.

Another reason people turn to colored gemstones for their rings is a love of hue. Many designer rings have diamonds and gems complimenting one another. One version gives the jewels equal showing, with a diamond and a jewel of the same cut and size mounted next to each other on a band. Others add colored side stones for a touch of hue.

Some people want to add extra symbolism to their rings. Along with diamonds for enduring love, they include the birthstones of them and their beloved. Popular gems like sapphires, emeralds and topaz are also birthstones. Those searching for rings which combine diamonds and personal gems shouldn’t have trouble finding them.

For a luxurious element to diamond engagement rings, there are fancy colored diamonds. Though fancy diamonds are rare and costly, tiny ones are more affordable than larger. Using them to make a thin halo adds style while being more budget conscious. Incorporating them into a double halo with ordinary diamonds bring extra brilliance along with hue.