A Look at Design

Many diamond wedding bands are designed with women in mind. Men who want brilliance on their wedding bands may prefer to wear different styles. Their bands may not receive as much attention as their counterparts, but there are attractive rings available.

Men’s wedding bands tend to be subtle. Rings may be wider, and embellishments may concentrate on polish or edgings. Some play with color, using multiple shades of gold to edge or line the ring. When diamonds appear, they’re often smaller than the width of the shank.

A few designs consist of solitaire diamond bands. Typical styles include round brilliants with bezel settings. Choice of metal, edging and finish help rings stand out from each other. Someone who wants to make a statement may choose a bezel of a contrasting metal. Woodgrain finishes or even a colored gemstone helps make a band striking.

There’s a wealth of designs featuring multiple diamonds. Some have the jewels set flush into the ring. Others have a channel carved down the middle of the shank, with diamonds set inside at intervals. Still more bands experiment with texture, using grooves to frame the diamonds.

Wedding sets are typically made with women in mind, though his and hers types are also available. These rings share a design theme, such as metal, diamond cut and mount. If you and your fiancé are looking for coordinating wedding bands, we’re happy to help. In addition to our custom diamond collection, we specialize in unique orders.