A Fully Personalized Outcome

Design and detail your own stackable ring for a fully personalized outcomeThere is nothing more exciting in jewelry fashion at this point than creating your stackable rings. Stackable rings came in as an inevitable product of jewelry layering and one of the most distinguished styles. We take this opportunity to tailor stackable rings to your taste. In our “Design Your Perfect Stackable Rings”, find full control over your ring design. From gem to metal, setting to design, tell us all you want and a fully customized ring tailored to your expectations will be handed to you within days.

We bring this option to you with hopes that it will take you a step closer to your vision of perfect stackable rings. In a filter-oriented request form, tell us all about what you are looking for and how you want your ring to be. To give you full control over the customization, we have covered every little aspect of the design. From arrangement to number of gems, size to style, metal to make, we leave everything for you to decide. Just share the specifics with us and your ring will be designed to the exact details with no diversion or addition whatsoever.

Use the filters on the design board to find out the options available. For clarity of vision, you may want to make a primary draft of the design so that choosing the filters gets easier from this point on. Do stop to check out our collection of stackable rings to rake up some ideas of how the ring may finally look. Pick the rings of your choice from our catalogue to stack them together or bring your original ideas to put together something totally new, the decision is yours to make. We are here to guide you every step of the way to make sure that the final results as close to your expectations as possible.