A Vintage Cut for Today’s Rings

Cushion cut diamond engagement ringCushion cut diamonds have been around for centuries, under many names. They were developed to promote brilliance while preserving carat. The advent of the round brilliant overshadowed cushion cuts, but the latter persevered. Today, cushion cut engagement rings appeal to those with a love of vintage, or want unique engagement rings.

Cuts like Old Mine and Old European appeared during the 18th and 19th centuries. Their shapes varied, usually sitting between a square and a circle. Both were deeper than diamonds are today and gave off different brilliance than modern jewels. Some factors, like their fifty-eight facets, served as inspiration for the later round brilliant.

Today’s cushion cut diamonds are still a mix of square, round and oval. The shapes are said to resemble a pillow, inspiring their name. Some varieties have a similar faceting as their predecessors, though modified versions have extra facets for added brilliance. Their shine varies by individual outline and cut, but still make for charming diamond rings.

When searching for a cushion cut for your diamond engagement ring, keep symmetry in mind. Each side should be as curved as the others, and the corners should be rounded and even. This will help keep brilliance consistent throughout the jewel. The girdle may be thicker around the corners, a technique which protects the stone from chipping.

Cushion cut rings are attractive in many kinds of settings. Mounting a cushion into a six-prong solitaire evokes a classic engagement ring style. Someone with a love of vintage may want to pair the jewel with an antique style band. Modern designs can include side stones and halos. Play with different looks in the Custom Diamond Collection to see what you like best.