It’s not always easy finding the diamond engagement ring of your dreams. Some people know what they want, but have a hard time finding it. Others may want a greater say in their diamond band than simply choosing a ready-made piece. Some jewelers, such as Valentin Magro, offer design-your-own-ring services.

There are two major components of creating custom diamond engagement rings. One is selecting the setting and the other the stone. With the former, connoisseurs have eleven shapes to choose from. These jewels range from brilliant cuts, step cuts, and gemstones with the qualities of both. After selecting the type you want, you get to choose the exact diamond. A list of available stones appears with a description of their qualities. When you find the gem you want, you click on the “select” button.

Settings provide even more choices, eighteen in all. These range from a simple four prong ring to elaborate confections of side stones and halos. Depending on the mount, connoisseurs may also choose how they want their diamond bands to look. Available shanks include knife edge, double groove, split, intertwined and more. The rings may be left plain or covered in still more diamonds for greater brilliance.

Other selections include choice of precious metal, from yellow and white gold of different karats, to platinum. Those who want side stones decide the shape they like, such as half-moons or baguettes. Another, important choice is the size of the ring. Those who are unsure should feel free to consult our free sizing chart.

Some people may still have trouble finding the ring of their dreams. If the engagement rings design page doesn’t provide what you’re looking for, please contact us. Custom designs are a specialty at Valentin Magro, and we’re happy to make your idea a reality.