Hue for Your Ring

The most popular gemstone for engagement rings is diamond. This is partly from centuries of tradition which connect diamond’s hardness with steadfast love. Twentieth century campaigns highlighted the connection between the jewel and romance. Those who want unique engagement rings or a touch of color may want to add other gemstones.

Colorful Engagement RingsWhen colored gemstones make an appearance on engagement rings, they’re often accompanied with diamonds. Diamonds and stones together make a pretty contrast. Popular gems include the big three of colored stones, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Other designer engagement rings may feature topaz, tourmaline or peridot.

Part of colored gems’ appeal is from birthstones. Jewels like sapphires and emeralds are connected to the months a person is born in. Adding birthstones to an engagement band helps personalize the ring. Having jewels representing the couple as well as their love for each other may add a layer of romance.

Another means of adding color is through choice of gold. White gold engagement rings are popular for their neutral tones, which compliments diamonds. Yellow and rose gold are also common colors and add hue to a ring. They bring hue to diamond rings, and underscore colored gemstones.

One trait of colored gemstone engagement rings is how unusual they are. Diamonds are so popular, other jewels stands out. A person who wants to be different can accomplish this through the stones in their ring. Valentin Magro’s Engagement Ring Design Gallery may provide inspiration.