The Two Steps

As with everyday speech, jewelry terms may have more than one meaning. “Diamond bands” for example, may refer to the shank or the entire ring. “Step” also stands for a couple of terms. One is a type of diamond cut. The other is a form of ring embellishment.

Step cut wedding bands have multiple levels. The middle portion is taller than its edges. Rather than curving down, the height difference is carved into the band, creating straight sides. These rings may be as slim as two millimeters, or as broad as eight.

Step cut diamonds stand out from brilliants. The former isn’t designed to reflect light from within the stone. Step cut’s broad top and bottom facets display the gem’s clarity and color. Along the sides of the diamond are nested rows of facets.

Emerald cut diamonds are one of the most famous steps. They’re rectangular jewels with cropped corners. Asscher cut diamonds are square with trimmed corners, and are often central jewels on diamond rings. Baguettes are slim rectangles, sometimes with sloped sides, used for side stones or other accents.

The step cut rings Valentin Magro offers are pure metal rather than jeweled. Our diamond engagement rings and wedding bands are designed to be worn on the same finger. A person who enjoys both step cuts bands and diamonds may want to think of stacking them. Our Custom Diamond Collection offers many possibilities.